Amy Sue Sings A Song

14 February, 2005

My friend, co-worker, and fellow M4DZ artist Amy Subach recently started a podcast on my urging. As soon as I heard of the format I thought of her; she has that rare and quirky ability that is necessary for successful blogging, solo musicianship, and vaious other acts of public personal exposure of being able to make a listener feel like they know her, like she's present, even through highly impersonal media.

The idea of her podcast is that she'll sit down, write a song, and then podcast it with some explanation of its context, all in a just a couple of hours. She'll do this regularly, a couple of times a week. The song in her first post, though, is one she'd already written. It's one of my favorites, Stolen Shoe (that link will take you to the song's M4DZ page where you can hear the album version). I recently rediscovered it listening to her record at work. It makes my heart swell. I think it's a fitting start.

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