Association of Music Podcasting

16 February, 2005

Digging ever deeper into this whole podcasting thing, I was interested in a recent link mentioned on the Daily Source Code: the Association of Music Podcasting. They are a new service that acts as an intermediary between podcasters and independent musicians. They accept submissions from bands in the form of links to mp3s along with other associated info and an agreement text. That way their members can play music on their shows completely legally and independent bands have access to an outlet to get their music to new listeners.

I submitted At Dusk's music so we'll see if anyone ends up playing it. We had some good luck with a bunch of mp3 blogs (Ian Mathers, *6eyes, 3Hive, Tofu Hut, and adoorajar, for example), so I'm excited about this.

It would be great if they had a way for podcasters to sign up to join their music directory or a way to browse the directory's content online, but this is a great start. I'm subscribed to some of their shows now so I'll let you know what I think once I've heard some episodes.

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