Olympus C-7000

18 February, 2005

Today, I received, in the mail, my new digital camera. I had picked it out around the time my dad came into town for my birthday.

I was waiting all day to play with it and after a busy and productive day (finishing a grant, a studio tour and recording some drum samples with Chris and Will, etc.) I finally got around to it in the last couple of hours. After finally wrapping my head around its various controls, I think its pretty neat. The way the manual focus works with a picture-in-picture display (it insets a blown up version of the area at the center of your view finder so you can tell whether it's getting closer to being in focus or farther away, just like my dad's old Canon A1 I used to play with) is pretty slick and, for some reason, none of the reviews mentioned it. Also with the pop up flash (making it easier to turn off and to remember if you've got it on or off) and the retracting lens (without the sliding lens cover which was such an inconvenience on the similar camera I looked at in the store -- the Olympus C-60) it is pretty intuitive to use. Already after only a couple of hours I feel like I understand how to navigate the functions pretty smoothly. Now I've just got to learn how to take good pictures.

For your amusement/disturbance, I've included some of my first attempts here:

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