Chris's Script for Net News Wire

25 March, 2005

I've mentioned Net News Wire 2.0, my RSS reader of choice, here a number of times before (most recently here, and in my original review). In that original review, I discussed the possibility of NNW replacing Safari as my browser of choice. One of the things standing in the way of this happening was NNW's lack of bookmarks, and, more pertinently, bookmarklets, such as one allowing you to post a page to

Well, my Music For Dozens cohort, Chris Anderson, recently posted his Apple Script for posting the current displayed web page to to both his blog and NNW's script section of their site. I've found that using the Script, especially in combination with Tinker Tool to assign a hotkey to the script (I'm using cmd+0), I now only go over in to Safari about a third of the time to follow links I find in NNW (Flash and general media conent still work better there). One more step closer to living in an RSS reader/browser hybrid. Now, all we need is bookmarks and we'll be too close to call. . .

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