Google SMS Tipsheet Hack

26 April, 2005

A couple of posts ago (though more weeks than that do to my recent, and even more recently terminated, unplanned blogging vacation), I wrote about my discovery of Google SMS. I have since been using it happily and effectively to, for example, find the address of a karaoke bar while driving out of a bowling alley parking lot during someone's birthday party.

Yesterday, I found a little hack that will make Google SMS even better. First of all, it turns out that the system does more than just yellow pages-style lookup. With special commands, it does movie showtimes, weather conditions, trivia, stock quotes, etc. These commands are multiple and though intuitive, rapidly become fiendishly difficult to remember as they accumulate. Handily, Google provides a tiny little PDF crib sheet, thusly:

Now, taking a page from 43 Folders' Amazon Wishlist Hack, I immediately printed this out, cut it loose from it's sheet of paper, folded it in half, and dropped it into the accordion folder of my Moleskine so that I always have it with me. As Merlin says, "Swish."

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