Personal Telco Project

2 May, 2005

This isn't my normal kind of post. There's not really an idea here, more of just a standard-practice blogish act of pointing to something cool on the web. But, it does relate to a previous post on bloggable public space and it's for a good cause, so here goes: the Personal Telco Project

In the last couple of years, I've heard over and over from various sources that Portland is "the most wireless" city in America -- that is, the city with the greatest wifi penetration per capita -- and that it had become such largely because of a grassroots effort. But I'd never known anything about the particulars of PTP until reading their website just now. They work with businesses and individuals interesed in setting up publicly available wifi nodes and have so far created more than 100 nodes around the city. They provide technical know-how, education, and maintenance and channel volunteers and enthusiasts of whatever technical level into useful activities. They also hold weekly and monthly meetings as well as "play days" (educational/technical/bullshit sessions).

From their site, at least, they seem to be a relatively well-strucutred and highly functional non-profit, which, as a person currently working to turn an organically organized local cultural organization into a real and lasting 501(c)(3), I both admire and envy.

It would be cool, if UrHo takes me up on implementing my bloggable public space idea, to partner with PTP to accomplish it. Also, we should have a wifi node at work, but I guess we'd need to get the wired internet there first.

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