9 May, 2005

I've added a new section to the bar of contextual info at the left there, under the title of "upcoming". For a while now, I've kept a list of ideas for posts in a text file. Using the Quicksilver append trick, it's super easy to record a quick description of an idea in the moment I'm having it. Then, when I've got some time to write a post, all I've got to do is view that list (usually using Quicksilver's right arrow functionality) to see the post-seeds I've got sitting around to get me started.

For some reason, I thought it might be a good idea to display this very list on the site itself. At times my internal shorthand may be inpenetrable or the content may overlap with the summary of my del.icio.us posts that appear right below it (and often hint at my future plans for posts), but when thrown into the mix, the list will make the sidebar a pretty good snapshot of what I'm thinking about right now. Hence you can point me to links or send me your thoughts ahead of time in order to contribute to posts, not just in comments, but before they're even written. Just another step towards making this blog into more of a conversation instead of a monologue that reverberates into empty space.

Right now, I've got a couple of technical glitches getting in the way of having this working as smoothly as I'd like: Speakeasy doesn't seem to actually support html includes even though they say they do, or, more likely, I'm doing something wrong (even though I'm using the syntax everyone seems to recommend: &lt!--#include file="file.html" -->), or, even more likely, some setup remains for me to do to get SSIs working in general on my Speakesy space. Either way, it's not working right now. Ideally, I'd like the workflow to go as follows: edit my "toblog.html" file with Quicksilver; then ftp the file up to its proper location with either a widget or, even more preferably, with QS itself. Soon, soon, soon.

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