PDXPop Now! Votin' and Promotin'

8 June, 2005

So, today is a very exciting day in the PDXPop-o-Verse. The online voting to help determine which bands will play the festival goes live. Click on over there, select your favorite bands, and we'll try and get them to play the festival. That's kind of the point of PDXPop, putting together a festival with bands (at whatever level of success) that people actually like, not just that have been picked by booking agents and PR reps, agents and maangers.

Also, there's a great little blurb about the festival and compilation in Pitchfork. Since we started this thing at about the peak of its hipness arc, getting mentioned on there has always been a kind of goal for us, and it feels really satisfying and reassuring to hit that landmark just as we're really getting into gear on this year's festival.

Now, go vote!

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