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12 June, 2005

Now, I know that this post completes a five-fecta of navel and semi-navel gazing posts about myself and projects I'm involved with, and I'll be returning to the pretentious and emotionless pseudo-essays you've grown to love shortly, but I had to write a brief note about the little show of geek bravado I put on last night.

Friday night, Cary made an idle email suggestion to the PDX Pop organizing group that someone might want to write a Dashboard widget counting down the days to the festival (and bringing you to pdxpopnow.com if you click) as a kind of silly and pointless promotional effort. Having written a Konfabulator widget in the past, this seemed just my speed. Last night, after getting home from work at 3:15am, I jammed for three hours and got it done. Putting together the graphic from a chunk of Tyler's design for the PDX Pop ballot took about a half an hour and the rest of the time was spent figuring out a quirk in Dori's javascript (Dori is the random stranger on whose Serenity Countdown widget code I based the date math).

By the time everyone else had gotten up in the moring the thing was working. Today, I uploaded it to the PDX Pop Now! website and submitted it to Apple for inclusion on their Dashboard download page. And now I'm proud to say you too can download the Totally Unnecessary PDX Pop Now! 2005 Countdown Widget. I just checked it for the first time after midnite on a day not the one on which I wrote it and. . .It still seems to work.

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