The New Music For Dozens Blog

1 October, 2005

An announcement: In keeping with the current fashion amongst hip Web 2.0 companies, we've started a Music For Dozens blog. We'll be keeping track of all the new features we add to the site and pointing out some of the great new music that people have started uploading. I was reading the Odeo Blog before the Odeo even premiered (in some ways, I think the blog is actually better than the site itself) and the Flickr blog is always a good read, so it feels fun to be have a voice in that conversation (even if a tiny one to which no one is listening, yet).

So, check it out and let us know what you think. And, don't forget to come listen to all the new music that's been showing up, including some great local jazz, lo-fi spanish-language balladeering, psychedelic rock jams, minimalist new wave pop songs, and even growly metal.

Even better, sign yourself up, upload some of your own music, and join the party.

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