14 November, 2005

Black and White and Tan At Dusk Snail Shirt

Today I had one of the best types of ideas: one that was big enough to be interesting, small enough to be achievable, and that would, if executed properly, change my life in a tiny but worthwhile way. Here's the idea: I should produce one t-shirt design everyday and make each shirt available in my very own CafePress store. The designs needn't be complex or interesting everyday. There's no time or labor minimum. The most important thing is the regularity.

Already, I'm off and running. The shirt you see above is today's offering. It's an adaptation of the most recent At Dusk poster. You can't quite buy it yet (CafePress just introduced their black t-shirts and they won't actually be available for purchase for a little while), but keep an eye on its CafePress page. Obviously, I've also started a new blog T-Shirt-A-Day where I'll post my shirts (and any other related notes or updates). If you want to subscribe here's the feed: RSS for T-Shirt-A-Day.

This project seems like it could blossom into another distillation of one of the best things about blogging: you spend a small amount of time making something every day and before you know it, you've got a pretty big body of work in the bank. (Speaking of which, I realized today that I've written 100 posts here [this one makes 101], so the timing couldn't be better.)

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