IDFDZ in the WWeek

2 March, 2006

Here's a weird sentence: IDFDZ was mentioned in a newspaper. The portland alt weekly, Willamette Week, where I was once an intern has joined The Oregonian as part of the swarm of media around the second season of Urban Honking's 'reality blogging competition' Ultimate Blogger. The quote comes in the midst of descriptions of a handful of UrHo blogs:

Ideas for dozens: A techie geekfest by former WW intern Greg Borenstein. From Jan. 24: "I honestly can't remember the last time I listened to commercial radio.... So, what's left? More and more, what's left is: mp3 blogs. Just individuals out there talking about music, bravely posting songs they like despite the potentially quite serious legal consequences of the musicians' and labels' ungratefulness."

Its from my post about Hype Machine.

As you can see above, if you've got a keen eye, the photos for the article where taken at Less Distracted, the office/wharehouse space I share with the Urban Honking guys. A photo of LD also accompanied the Oregonian article on Ultimate Blogger making it the second most famous place I've worked recently.

Anyway, congrats Mike, Steve, and Jona! Now, all you've got left is the Tribune and the Mercury and you'll have run the table! How 'bout it?

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