Back from the Lull

18 May, 2006

These last forty days or so have been the longest I've ever gone without writing on this blog since it moved to UrHo. I actually managed a long enough absence that the whole template broke down due to lack of content, leaving only the header, footer, and right side bar visible. Sorry about that. And thanks to all of you who pointed that particular problem out to me. It shouldn't happen again

Even though, I've never been the most regular of bloggers, to my credit, there were some actual reasons that this gap went on as long as it did. And, hence, I have some things to talk about now that I'm back. First of all my band, At Dusk finished a new record called You Can Know Danger and I totally rebuilt our website to match the aesthetic of the new record. Look for a series of posts on the strategy I took ("How To Make Your Band Website with Web 2.0") to come soon. Plus we just got back from our first tour in support of the new record which encompassed nine shows in ten days in California. Keep an eye on the At Dusk Flickr Group for pictures from that.

Also on the music website front, before leaving for tour I totally rebuilt the PDX Pop Now! site in Rails. The new site's really exciting. It's got a super-minimal content management system that lets all of our board members add and edit content. This means that as things go forward, I'll have more time to develop new features that we've wanted for a long time like actual RSS feeds and maybe even forums, since I won't be the only one editing the live site. Also, we're now taking requests for who you'd like to see play the festival. Unlike in the past where we made Portlanders jump through complicated and often malfunctioning hoops before being allowed to put in their two cents about who they wanted to see play, this year we're keeping things super simple. As many people as want to can just show up, tell us what band they'd like to see, and bam it gets added to our running list. Totally easy. You can do it as many times as you want. We're going to let the computer do all the work this time to figure out what's actually going on. Plus, we've got an XSPF-based player through which you can listen to all of the bands that submitted their music for consideration for the compilation. I didn't realize it until I had it completely built, but it is probably the biggest online collection of Portland music that's ever been assembled. If you want to know what Portland sounds like, there's really no better place to start.

All of this combined with my actual paying programming jobs added up to no time for blogging. In the next couple of weeks, I'm going to try to more than make up for it. I've got long posts planned, instructive series, short blurbs on artists, lots of stuff. So, thanks for hanging around through the lull. It'll turn out to have been worth it. I promise.

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