I'm mp3 Blogging on Pampelmoose

28 October, 2006


So, today I'm officially an mp3 blogger. I just published my first post for Pampelmoose, a Portland-based record label, management company, and music blog run by the legendary British punker, and recent Portland transplant, Dave Allen. Dave's resume is pretty jaw-dropping, including, amongst other things, being the bassist for Gang of Four and a stint running emusic. And so it's cool to be working for him.

I'll be writing entirely about Portland music, sharing some of the great lesser known bands I've gotten to hear while working on PDX Pop. As I said in an email to Dave that I didn't quite realize he was going to post, "I have this theory that one in every six people in town is in a band. And in that pool is so much great music that not enough people hear. I will link to some of it."

Go have a look at Dave's post introducting me and my first post itself, Alan Singley: Portland's Burt Bacharach?, which is about some great new tracks Chris made recently with Alan. And let me know what you think.

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