MFDZ Back Online!

5 January, 2007

Some time in the first half of last year, Music For Dozens outgrew its then-current infrastructure and wen down. As problems go, this is the good kind to have. At that point we had around 2000 registered users and more than 1000 uploaded songs.

Unfortunately, the technical solution we came up with at that point didn't keep us online long and we ended up struggling with major outages for most of the rest of the year. In fact, during that time, overtaken with other (paying) projects, moving house, etc. we were barely online at all.

So, it is with pride, and not an insignificant amount of relief, that I announce the triumphant return of MFDZ! Over the last week, Jem came up to Portland for a holiday visit and he, Chris and I spent a few days setting things right. To celebrate, I've uploaded a new song that Chris and I made over the summer: dirigible:

Short, spazzy, and upbeat, it seemed the perfect way to celebrate. Enjoy! And be sure to stop by and hit us with some music.

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