RAD demo videos online

2 August, 2007

During my recent presentation of RAD at FOSCON, I did two demos: I wrote a 'hello world' light-blinking sketch live and I showed and explained a sketch for communicating with the Arduino over serial communication in order to wave a flag. During the demos, I had setup my screen so the audience could see my code samples, my command line, and a webcam pointed at the Arduino and its peripherals.

While these demos don't translate that well into normal slides, they were the heart of my presentation. After a little bit of searching, I came across Snapz Pro, a great little Mac utility for making screencasts. With Snapz Pro and only a couple of dozen rehearsals, I was able to create two short videos that pretty much reproduce the content of my demos. And I've put them online so you can take a look even if you weren't lucky enough to be at Holocene last week:

RAD Demo #1: Ruby Arduino Development Hello World

RAD Demo #2: Ruby Arduino Development Serial Communication

(Bonus points if you recognize the logo on the flag in the second video...)

I've inserted both of these into the online version of the slide deck so they'll preserved for future generations.

If these videos pique your interest, check out RAD's Rubyforge homepage for more info or to offer your help!

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