RAD 0.2.1 Announcement and Dorkbotpdx 0x01 demo

7 April, 2008

It's been an active few weeks in the world of RAD! First off, RAD 0.2.1 was released last week which includes a bunch of small features and bug-fixes:

The documentation and examples should be lots of help for those of you are just getting started. If you've got successful sketches, send them to me and I'll add them!

I setup a Ruby Arduino Development Google Group for discussion amongst the growing group of contributors and users of the project. We've already got some fun stuff brewing there including someone working on a serial console, so drop by if you've got questions or want to participate.

Also, big thanks to Brian Riley of Really Bare Bones Arduino supplier Wulfden.org. His patch here for SWSerLCDpa support hopefully marks the start of a great collaboration to get a bunch of important Arduino libraries ported to RAD including OneWire and I2C. Plus, he sent me a totally awesome data logging kit to play with!
Wulfden Arduino Kit Unboxing: data logging kit

Last, but definitely not least, I presented about RAD at Dorkbotpdx 0x01 last week. I was fortunate enough to be in the good company of Ward Cunningham (who gave an amazing talk about his biologically-inspired Cybords project) and many others. Jared from Dorkbotpdx shot video of the event which is now online. I did two demos, the basic blinky-LED hello world and a more advanced assembler sketch that drove a 7-segment LED and serial output (my segment starts at about 4:46):

Watch the rest of the videos from the event here: Dorkbotpdx 0x01 on Vimeo.

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