RAD 0.2.2 Released: Arduino 0011 Support

29 April, 2008

On sunday night, I released version 0.2.2 of the Ruby Arduino Development gem. The main focus of this update is compatibility with version 0011 of the Arduino software tools (follow that link for the release notes). While 0010 may still work with this new version of RAD, 0011 is now the default and upgrading is highly encourages. Download it here: Arduino 0011


This release also includes a patch to fix a problem with type-compatibility between RAD's var system and some Arduino function return values courtesy of David Michael. David also gave what looks like a great talk about RAD at NYC.rb: Ruby Meets Worlds, which includes a really nice example of using the observer pattern to communicate with an Arduino over a serial port that portends really well for one of the exciting things we've been talking about on the RAD Google Group: an interactive serial console.

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