RailsConf 2008 Lightning Talk Summaries

1 June, 2008

photo by James Duncan Davidson

A few months back Chad Fowler asked me to coordinate the lightning talks for this year's RailsConf. It turned out to be a rolicking good time! We had 36 speakers in three sessions over three days — more than half the number of official talks! Topics ranged from announcements of new plugins (man, there are a lot of these suckers out there!) to demos of cool sites (Shared Copy certainly blew some minds) to rants and harangues (Ryan Davis never disappoints in this regard).

Below, I've attempted to summarize each of the talks and provide appropriate links where I could find them. The results are based on my sketchy notes while keeping time (and preparing my own talk) and so are definitely less than definitive. If you spoke and I got some of your details wrong, drop me a comment and I'll make corrections. If any speakers want to send me links to their slides, I can add those as well.

Thanks to everyone who participated — audience and speakers alike — and thanks to the RailsConf orgnaizers for letting me put this together.




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