Interview up on

15 September, 2008

Conference organizer extraordinaire and general all-around good guy Chad Fowler interviewed me via email last week as part of a series of preparatory posts he's doing in the run up to RubyConf in November. He just posted the interview here: RubyConf Speaker Interview: Greg Borenstein.

Meanwhile, my rewrite of the RAD compiler is progressing smoothly. It successfully ran hello world over the weekend and today I got it working with all sketches that don't use plugins. I'm hoping to get it fully up-to-speed before my trip up to Seattle this weekend for a RAD hackfest with JD. We're hoping to push out an official 0.3 version that pulls together all the great changes we've added the last few months. You can already get that code (along with all the other bleeding edge changes) from the RAD GitHub repo, but the official release will be pushed to Rubyforge and made available elsewhere for the less adventurous.