Accepted at NYU ITP

13 March, 2009

I'm proud to announce that I've been accepted at NYU ITP for this coming fall. I've been dreaming of going to ITP since I first heard Clay Shirky tell the story of Dodgeball and Pac Manhattan in 2005. Before discovering ITP, I didn't know anyone else shared my combination of interests in art, technology, and physical computing/motion control/miniatures/MJT/whatnot. Now, I'm incredibly excited to be joining a community dedicated to these pursuits and their various intersections.

While I can't wait to get started at ITP, I'm also sad to be leaving Portland where I've lived happily for more than 10 tumultuous action-packed years. There are more creative, interesting people here than any city this size has any right to expect and I'll miss them. Before that happens though, I've got a whole summer to fill with hanging out and things-we-always-planned-to-do. So, if you're in Portland and want to hang out or do some kind of project, come tell me and let's get to it!